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A wide range of products stocked on site

J Medler LTD holds a wide range of building products in stock which includes the following;

Blocks – Various different types of aircrete, concrete and aggregate blocks in varied strengths and sizes.

Insulation – Quinn Therm, Polystyrene or glass fibre in various thermal and size variations.

Lintels – A wide range of different sizes and load bearing concrete and Keystone Lintels.

Bagged Goods – Bulk bags including Building (soft), Sharp, Plastering sand and ballast. Also Castle cement, lime mortars,  mortar mix and kiln dried sand.

Decorative Stones – Different sizes and colours, ranging from beach pebbles to various coloured chippings. Available in bulk and 25KG bags.

General – A wide array of tools, PPE, builder’s chemicals and Easy Joint. DPC, DPM, manhole covers and chimney pots are just some of the ever-increasing product range that complements our specialist status.

For more information please contact a member of our sales team on 01603 260252 or

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